Parking Planning & Design

The Harman Group provides a broad range of parking planning and design and structural engineering services for parking facilities serving various owners, including municipal, corporate, hotel, retail, university and other institutional developments.

Our parking design services incorporate an understanding that a parking facility is more than just a structure – it becomes a part of the community.  Whether the project is free-standing or integrated into a mixed-use development, we consider many important issues in our design, including appearance, traffic and pedestrian flow, efficiency, durability, security and wayfinding.  We offer a comprehensive range of parking planning and design services, all with the goal of creating the best solution for each project, including the following:

Parking Planning and Design Services:

  • Full-service design: functional design, structural engineering, prime design management
  • Studies: supply / demand analysis, site alternatives, shared parking
  • Operational analysis
  • Parking Access and Revenue Control Systems (PARCS)
  • Peer review / value engineering
  • Condition appraisal / restoration
  • Capacity analysis
  • Conceptual layout and site analysis

The Harman Group has extensive experience in planning and implementing parking in traditional commercial districts as well as redevelopment areas.  We provide full service parking facility design from concept to final inspection of the completed construction including all design disciplines, if you so desire, and all phases.  We provide structural engineering services for parking structures and building structures.  Our structural design experience for parking structures includes post-tensioned and precast concrete, as well as hybrid steel and concrete systems.  This allows us the flexibility to choose the structural system that is most economical and most suited to your particular project.  With our extensive practice in structural engineering for all types of buildings, we have developed a talent for economically integrating parking structures into mixed-use projects.  We truly understand all aspects of the entire building, not just the parking structure.