Construction Engineering

Structural Steel Connection Design Services
We develop connection designs that conform to each fabricator’s shop standards.  Connections are customized to provide efficiency in fabrication and construction based on each fabricator’s and erector’s needs.  From simple connections to moment connections and brace connections; Ordinary to Special frames; and special geometry, all connection design receives the attention to detail required for a successful project.  When the detailer has incorporated the connection design into the shop drawings, we review them to confirm the correct interpretation of our calculations and sketches.

  • Connection design
  • Signed and sealed connection calculations
  • Shop drawing review
  • Shop drawing review letters
  • Coordination with fabricator and erector requirements

Structural Temporary Works and Field Operations Design Services
The Harman Group works with construction managers, subcontractors and erectors to engineer the methods of erection and temporary works required to complete complex structures.  We listen to the field personnel and incorporate their needs into the procedures.  We provide documentation for a clear understanding of the tasks.  We provide creative engineering solutions for the temporary structures required for complex field operations.  We issue drawings and provide field assistance as required to minimize field problems.

  • Temporary support structure design
  • Field erection procedures
  • Submissions of procedures for review and approval
  • Field operations engineering assistance

Fabricator Structural Design Services
The Harman Group works with fabricators of all types of pre-engineered and modular systems.  From structural steel and combinations of structural steel and cold formed steel to all cold formed light steel framed systems; from precast concrete architectural panels to precast concrete structural systems – we provide the same creative engineering solutions to these systems as we apply to our building structure design.  We listen to the fabricators and erectors and incorporate their needs into the design.  We provide engineering and shop drawings for the approval and fabrication of these structural systems.

  • Structural bearing wall panel design
  • Architectural precast concrete panel design
  • Exterior façade backup panel design
  • Modular unit structural design
  • Fabricator shop drawings
  • Field operations engineering assistance