At The Harman Group, now IMEG, we believe that our clients can have the best of all worlds – Creative Design, Cost Efficiency and Exceptional Client Service. Our company is focused on three separate areas of engineering practice:

Structural Engineering

Parking Planning & Design

Construction Engineering

These individual engineering practices are very complex – our business philosophy is not. At The Harman Group, now IMEG, every project receives senior level attention from planning to finish. And while our comprehensive capabilities cover all phases of structural engineering, parking planning and design, and construction engineering, our services start with our people. You’ll find a seasoned team of professionals whose leadership, teamwork, dedication and cooperation provide you with high quality designs and exceptional service.

For information on these services, enter the practice areas below.

Structural Engineering

Engineering better solutions is at the heart of everything we do. We work collaboratively with architects, owners and developers to deliver elegant structural solutions for projects of all sizes and levels of complexity.

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Parking Planning & Design

We understand that a parking facility is more than just a structure – it is part of the community. Whether the project is free-standing or integrated into an urban mixed-use development, we offer comprehensive services at all phases to deliver the best solution.

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Construction Engineering

Construction engineering is complex, but our philosophy is simple. We facilitate the contractor’s job by creating a solution that enables them to construct a complicated design—often more quickly and at less expense.

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Industries We Serve

The Harman Group, now IMEG designs projects that give form to each owner’s or architect’s vision. Our firm’s diverse industry sector experience with all types and sizes of buildings and parking facilities, both nationally and internationally, brings unique insight and innovative solutions to each project.

Healthcare / Research

From additions to existing healthcare facilities – including vertical expansions and complex connections to existing buildings – to new medical centers with specialized needs, The Harman Group, now IMEG’s expertise with hospitals, medical centers and other health system facilities fulfills the spectrum of structural design requirements and strategies.


Today’s educational facilities require more than traditional classrooms to create an engaging and inspiring learning environment for K-12 and university students. The Harman Group, now IMEG has in-depth experience designing educational structures, including advanced classroom and technology centers; recreational facilities; student housing; research and educational laboratories; libraries and more. Our projects span the spectrum from the restoration of classically-designed historical buildings to newly designed high-rise structures.


The Harman Group, now IMEG specializes in providing innovative structural solutions to meet technical, budget and aesthetic needs for the multi-family residential sector. The Harman Group, now IMEG’s extensive portfolio of mixed-use and residential projects in Philadelphia and beyond also incorporates advanced structural design with luxurious amenities, integrated parking and retail spaces.

Mixed Use

The Harman Group, now IMEG’s diverse building structure experience informs our efforts to help owners and architects select the most efficient structural system for each building type in a mixed-use development, while making the most use of the available space. From large retail spaces to multi-use convention halls with hotel facilities, we meet client challenges with our flexible, responsive service and technical knowledge to provide the most effective structural solution for each project.

Office / Government

The Harman Group, now IMEG understands that a corporate office serves purposes beyond simply a work space. Our staff has provided design solutions for simple and complex client needs – laboratories and research facilities, production and manufacturing areas, as well as amenities for staff and visitors – that bring a distinctive presence to our portfolio of office buildings, corporate campuses and mixed-use developments.

Hospitality / Gaming

For nearly thirty years The Harman Group, now IMEG has specialized in designing structures for the hospitality industry, from low-rise and boutique hotels to large-scale convention centers and high-rise casino resorts, new construction or renovation. We have the expertise to master the condensed schedules and complex architectural designs characteristic of this industry.

Student Housing

We have provided a variety of student housing alternatives across the Philadelphia area, with state-of-the-art structural design to suit the needs of the universities and their students. These buildings include traditional dormitory, suite-style or rental apartments, while incorporating student amenities, dining, gathering and learning spaces and features that also serve their surrounding communities, such as retail and restaurants.


The Harman Group, now IMEG’s athletic facility projects focus on efficient structural design while offering flexible spaces that meet the changing athletic demands of schools and communities in the United States and around the world. From simple exercise rooms to luxurious spas to arenas that hold Division 1 sporting events, our portfolio features gymnasiums, basketball, volleyball and tennis courts, track and field facilities and pools, as well as other recreational, health and wellness facilities that meet both owner and user design needs.


From preserving the historical features of a landmark to converting an outdated property to serve modern uses, The Harman Group, now IMEG responds to the challenges posed by properties needing restoration. Whether we are updating the building’s structure to meet current building codes or using new technologies and processes to evaluate an older structure, we can create a solution that minimizes the impact on the historic fabric while addressing the safety requirements of modern standards.