Woodland Parking Garage at Abington Hospital

A Cure for Parking Patrons

This new five-level, open, precast concrete parking garage with 247 spaces replaces the previous 50-year old precast parking structure that had reached the end of its service life.  The original  garage was demolished to allow for the new garage to be erected on the same tight site immediately adjacent to the hospital.  A new pedestrian bridge from the garage to the hospital lobby was also provided.

The exterior garage elevations include pigmented architectural precast panels with a sandblast finish as well as other panels with thin brick.  In addition, stainless steel woven mesh panels are provided on the north elevation to screen the vehicles inside while also providing natural ventilation for the structure.

The functional design of the garage consists of a single helix ramping system with 90-degree parking stalls and two way drive aisles.  The ramping system also includes “jump” ramps at the west end of the garage on each parking level.  This additional length of ramping allows for a more gradual floor slope resulting in a higher level of service for parking patrons.

The foundations of the parking garage have been designed to support a two-level vertical expansion in the future.


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Structural Systems Used

Precast Concrete