Vertical Screen Headquarters, Warminster, PA


This single-story, 53,000 sf open plan corporate headquarters building features a dynamic long span, glu-laminated mass timber arch structure clear spanning 144 feet. The glu-laminated arches varied in depth up to 54 inches and were pre-fabricated in four pieces to allow for shipment and erection. SIPS (Structurally insulated panels) were integrated as the roof decking spanning between the arches in order to embellish the grandeur of the glu-laminated arch timbers.

The mass timber arches are supported on concrete buttresses with tie rod bracing for stability.  Due to the potential four-inch deflection of the arches under snow loads, careful consideration of differential deflection with the front curtain wall had to be considered.

After construction, the Owner decided to mount solar panels on the roof.  The locations had to be coordinated with design loading and minimizing snow sliding of the roof.

Numerous sustainable elements were incorporated into the design, including a geothermal HVAC system, solar array, rainwater harvesting, daylight harvesting, Building Automaton System (BAS), Structured Insulated Panels (SIPS) roof deck, recycled and rapidly renewable materials, and Forest Steward Council (FSC) wood. As a result, the building was awarded LEED Platinum Certification.


Photos courtesy of Erdy McHenry Architecture

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Structural Systems Used

Mass Timber
Structurally insulated panel system
Concrete on steel