Teaching Dairy Barn and Large Animal Teaching Complex
Cornell University, Ithaca, NY

State-of-the-art learning environment

The Harman Group provided structural engineering services for the design of a teaching dairy barn for Cornell University. The facility includes a freestall barn, milking area, classrooms, offices, feed storage and milk and manure holding areas.

The barn ceiling is a wood plylam truss system infiltrated with skylights, and room for 200 cows. The roof design provided for shading to maximize ventilation through the freestall barn during the summer. The barn can be enclosed with nylon fabric curtains in the colder months.

A milking center with a milking and holding area features a plylam truss system with polycarbonate coverings, and a viewing/classroom space overlooking the milking area.

Special concrete mix designs were developed to resist corrosion from alkali sulfate reactions common to local aggregates.

The facility was awarded LEED certification.

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Structural Systems Used

Wood Frame