Hyatt Centric Hotel
Philadelphia, PA

Rustic Modern

The Hyatt Centric Hotel is a 13-story, 175,000 sf, 332-key hotel at the corner of Chancellor and 17th Streets. Amenities include an upper floor restaurant, a fitness center, event spaces, meeting facilities, lounges and a small green roof. There are two levels of underground parking with stackers, including spaces for 220 cars and bicycles.

The building incorporates 1,340 tons of steel. The overall width-to-length ratio of the hotel’s footprint (57 ft by 249 ft) necessitated the use of steel braced frames to provide lateral resistance in both directions. The elevator and stair openings, located in the center of the building, cut off direct lateral load transfer from the diaphragm to these frames. Located below the plank, angle drag struts in an “X” configuration drag the load into the frames. In addition, two large transfer girders at the third floor, one a W40x503 and the other W40x593, provide a large column-free area for the second-floor ballroom and also support hanging partitions.

For the floor system at hotel room levels it was imperative for the design team to minimize floor depth at the hotel rooms to allow for MEP systems while maintaining the required clear height. The typical hotel level floor to floor height is 10 feet and the finished ceiling height in a majority of the hotel room spaces outside of the bathroom area is 9ft 4 in, with the underside of the precast plank serving as the ceiling. The more common system of composite on metal deck supported by steel beams would not have worked to achieve the required clearance. As such, the design team turned to a Girder Slab system to frame the floors. The D-beam girders act compositely with precast hollow core plank providing an overall floor structure depth of 8 in nominal.

The project includes two levels of stacker parking in the 40-foot-deep basement. A composite concrete floor system was selected for cost effectiveness in the basement level up through the third floor. Columns are transferred at the third floor on W26x210 transfer girders to allow for an efficient column layout in the parking levels.

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Structural Systems Used

Structural Steel with Precast Plank