Cablevision Call Center
and Parking Garage,
494 Broad Street, Newark, NJ

Form and function

The Cablevision Call Center and Parking Garage presented a unique design challenge – how to create a state-of-the-art call center with parking for this cable company and 500 of its employees on a tight, urban, triangular site in downtown Newark, NJ.

This 650-space, eight-level mixed-use open precast parking garage includes ground floor retail and is topped off with 80,000 sf of office space on two floors. The side by side helix functional design works with the triangular shape of the site. The three bays of the garage have one-way traffic with angled parking on the two outside bays and two-way traffic with 90 degree parking on the middle bay. The top five levels of the garage and its 430 spaces are reserved for Cablevision employees. The remaining spaces are available to the parking public. The garage design accommodates three large exit stairways for the office space above as well as five elevators. The exterior materials consist of architectural precast, metal panel, metal louvers and screens as well as large expanses of glazed curtainwall. The superstructure of the garage and office floors is comprised entirely out of precast concrete. This was beneficial for coordination efforts and allowed for a shorter construction schedule.

The Harman Group, now IMEG provided the garage functional design and other parking consulting services for this project.


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Structural Systems Used

Precast Concrete