AQ Rittenhouse, 2021 Chestnut Street,
Philadelphia, PA

Fast track to luxury living

AQ Rittenhouse is a new 12-story, 120,000 sf luxury apartment building with 110 apartments and ground floor retail. The structural system of AQ Rittenhouse is a GirderSlab plank and D-beam system, supported by steel columns and steel braced frames. Budget constraints demanded a low floor-to-floor height building, and a system that could accommodate a full-height central courtyard, all at a low steel tonnage of less than 8-psf. The ground level retail space required transfer braced frames to maintain an open layout for potential tenants. A horizontal transfer truss is a highlight of the building’s structure, re-locating two of the 12-story braced frames across the second level floor and out of the retail space.

As part of the agreement to build the tower, Aquinas provided a 9,600 sf basement level space with classrooms for the neighboring Freire Charter School. The basement floor surface is a finished 42-inch thick mat foundation, with intricate detailing at building perimeter columns that abut against the existing neighbors buildings at the east and west, and the property line at the north and south. The mat foundation also steps in several locations for utilities, elevator pits and to accommodate loading dock clearance at the ground level above.

The construction was undertaken on a fast paced schedule, enabling the project to obtain a Temporary Certificate of Occupancy for the first phase in just seven months from the start of steel erection. The construction team worked in multiple shifts to ensure that the accelerated schedule was achieved.

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