500 North Gulph Road Office Building, King of Prussia, PA

From the 70s to Sensational

Structural engineering and parking planning and design services were provided for the renovation of an existing six-story, 130,000 sf office building. The existing building is a cast-in-place waffle slab structure built in 1979. The project includes the removal of portions of the waffle slab to create a more spacious modern two-story high building lobby. Portion of waffle slab was also removed at the third and fifth floors for two-story high conference rooms and amenity spaces, including a new high roof. Balconies were created at the amenity levels and intermediate levels using new structural steel framed architectural element that steps up the face of the building. The architectural element was replicated on the rear of the building due to the visibility to the Pennsylvania Turnpike. A new energy efficient facade was installed, at the ends of the existing floor slab cantilevers gaining back valuable rentable space.

The project also features a two-level, 66,000 sf open, precast, long span parking garage with 190 spaces, with the intent to increase the parking count on the site to accommodate a total of 400 spaces in both the garage and surface parking lot.

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Structural Systems Used

Cast In Place Waffle Slab