The Harman Group’s Quality Assurance Manager to Speak at NASCC: The Steel Conference

Clifford Schwinger, PE, The Harman Group’s Quality Assurance Manager, will be presenting at the North American Steel Construction Conference (NASCC) presented by the American Institute of Steel Construction (AISC). The conference will be April 11-13 at the Baltimore Convention Center.

Cliff will give two presentations:

Quality Assurance for Structural Engineering Firms
Fast schedules, BIM modeling, sophisticated analysis and design software, increasingly complex building codes and young engineers taking on more responsibility earlier in their careers has made essential the need for all structural engineering firms to have a formal in-house Quality Assurance program. Adoption of a Quality Assurance program will result in better design, better contract documents with fewer errors, and fewer RFIs and change orders. This seminar will review the components of a model Quality Assurance program and will review the procedures for performing in-house Quality Assurance reviews.

Tips for Validating the Results of Structural Engineering Software
Knowing how to use structural engineering analysis and design software is an essential skill required of all engineers. Equally important but seldom discussed, however, is the need for designers to be able to manually validate the results of their computer analysis. This seminar will discuss easy ways of validating computer-generated analysis and design.

At The Harman Group, Cliff leads a rigorous and comprehensive program applied to all the firm’s projects. He also brings his quality assurance leadership and expertise to the AEC field at large as an author, speaker and member of important professional organizations where he contributes to the development and maintenance of structural design standards for his peers.

For more information about the conference, visit the website.