Aramark’s New Headquarters at 2400 Market Tops Off in Center City

2400 Market, Aramark’s new headquarters located on the Schuylkill River Trail in Center City, Philadelphia celebrated its topping off. A partnership between PMC Property Group and Lubert-Adler is redeveloping the former Marketplace Design Center building, which consists of a five-story overbuild onto the existing structure to create a block-wide 11-story mixed-use development.

The Harman Group is providing structural engineering services on the project, which is comprised of 450,000 square feet of office space, along with new retail and outdoor spaces. The existing building is concrete slab with concrete columns. The overbuild is structural steel, slab on metal deck with steel columns and beams, with concrete shear walls going down through the existing building and up to the new roof.

Upgrades will be made to the first floor and there will also be 8,000 square feet of outdoor terraces. A promenade will connect Market and Chestnut streets. The facade will be multi-surfaced: the existing structure will be reskinned, and the office levels of the overbuild will have a curtain wall façade. Gensler is the lead architect on the project and Varenhorst served as the executive architect.